Our comfy, effortless and quality Apache e-bikes do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our bikes are fully serviced, fully inspected and fully charged before every hire. Our E-bikes give you the possibility to experience the valley in an environmentally friendly and fun way regardless of your age or fitness level.
Our bikes

Apache Tuwan Comp

E-bike MTB
Wheel size 27,5"
Frame size 19" L
Battery 16 Ah / 576 Wh

Our bikes

Apache Yamka MX

E-bike MTB
Wheel size 27,5 "
Frame size 18" M
Battery 17.5 Ah / 630 Wh

Our bikes

Apache Tuwan MX-3

E-bike MTB
Wheel size 29"
Frame size 17" M
Battery 17.5 Ah / 630 Wh


for the use of our electric bicycles

1. Electric bikes must not be cleaned with water jets, steam jets and other similar devices spraying pressurized water, only with moist cloth.
2. Electric bikes in stand-by mode must not be exposed to direct sunlight at high atmospheric temperatures for long.
3. Shift the gears only when the bike is moving.
4. Please, don't start riding on the smallest gear wheel with maximum assist up the hill.
5. Please, ride the bike down the hill with the seat down.
6. Maximum weight of the bike rider 120 kg.